Stay safe whilst invested in crypto

Achieve your investment objectives with 100% principal-protected Crypto Structured Products.

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Investors and partners

Invest with principal-protection

Our robust investment structure places the protection of your principal as our top priority.

Earn regular income

Earn income with our structured products that pay interests coupons based on fixed schedules.

Capture the Upside

Benefit from favourable market movements using our structured options strategies.

DeFi Structured Vaults that meet your individual needs.

Low Starting Capital

Our products are offered in fixed lots of USDC 1,000. Scale according to your plan.

NFT Ownership

Ownership of each lot is represented as an NFT "note", entitling the holder to the principal and payouts.

Secondary Marketplace

Unlock the liquidity of your investment before maturity by selling your NFT to other buyers on our marketplace.

Ranging Butterfly-Spreads
Bearish Put-Spreads
Bullish Call-Spreads
Ranging Butterfly-Spreads
Bearish Put-Spreads
Bullish Call-Spreads


2023 Q1

OV Diffusion Event

SuperHedge completes Outlier Ventures x New Order Defi Base Camp, amongst a total of 6 selected teams.

Testnet Launch

Incentivised testnet launch with 100% principal-protected bullish, bearish and ranging vaults across ETH/USDC and BTC/USDC underlyings.

2022 Q2


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